EU subsidies

It is increasingly common for our Clients applying for European Union subsidies or realising projects subsidised by EU funds to refer their legal problems to us. We are experienced in advising on applying for European Union subsidies and we can effectively support our Clients in obtaining such subsidies. We accompany our Clients in their search for appropriate subsidies through creating legal documentation as well as through co-operating with advisors specialised in obtaining EU subsidies. We are also present at the stage of realising the projects and their financial settlement. In practice, we encourage our Clients to use subsidies available within programmes for the years 2014-2020 to finance the following areas:

  • scientific research,
  • innovations and links between research and development (R&D) and enterprise,
  • road connections and environmentally-friendly transport,
  • the digitalisation of Poland (e-services, access to broadband Internet),
  • professional activation and development of social capital.