We have long and wide-ranging experience of professional practice, thanks to which the advisory services we provide to Clients are effective and bring tangible results. Due to our experience we know the Polish reality, which means that we know not only the provisions of Polish law but also court, administrative and tax authorities’ practice. That is why the solutions we propose allow our Clients to optimise the use of the provisions of law to their advantage and at the same time to increase their legal security through minimising legal risk and maximising their benefits. We place special emphasis on delivering quick solutions, within deadlines, which minimise unnecessary costs. Our solutions are also very well prepared in their tax-related aspects. A unique combination of many years of experience of working for legal offices and as in-house lawyers for businesses and full commitment, trustworthiness, and passion for creating positive relationships and constant development of our knowledge guarantees our Clients that we really understand their needs and are able to help them in solving their legal problems. Our Clients can feel that their affairs were entrusted to the right people. We believe that a clever and experienced lawyer, for whom pursuing their profession is a mission, and who is a part of a team, knows their Clients’ needs and allows them to use law as a business tool allowing them to undertake nonstandard ventures and gaining advantages over their competitors.

We are experienced in providing services for clients operating domestically and internationally, including the following areas:

  • construction services
  • international and domestic road and water carriage
  • retail and wholesale trade
  • the automotive industry
  • shipbuilding
  • information technology
  • advertising
  • beauty treatment and SPA services
  • catering and hotels
  • real estate agency services
  • real estate management
  • advisory services in obtaining EU subsidies
  • internet trade
  • telecommunication and ICT services

For the abovementioned industries we have  provided particular  assistance in the fields of:

  • claiming receivables for construction services provided from investors and general contractors,
  • claiming receivables on freight from foreign contractors,
  • providing legal opinions on Polish and foreign contracts with supermarket chains, debt collection,
  • defending against clients’ claims arising out of car maintenance services,
  • drafting contracts for posting employees to work on renovations,
  • drafting licence agreements – agreements related to the transfer of rights to software,
  • wording consent for the use of one’s image,
  • representation before the State Sanitary Inspection and State Trade Inspection during their inspections,
  • claiming compensation due to damage to hotel or restaurant equipment under their insurance policy,
  • eliminating  prohibited clauses from contracts on real estate agency services,
  • securing tenancy agreements and collecting rent from tenants,
  • establishing entities compliant with formal requirements of application for EU subsidies,
  • creating rules for internet shops,
  • drafting general terms and conditions of the provision of services.

Our experience helps us to understand the needs of business Clients, who are not interested in expensive litigation but rather need to avoid the occurrence of disputes which may lead to it and in the case of it happening, to limit its costs and the time required to engage in it.  For this very reason we focus on assessing legal risks and securing the interests of our Clients so court disputes do not interrupt their day-to-day operations. In the case of  litigation being the most efficient method of securing our Clients’ interests  we represent them before courts of all instances.